Thursday, December 29, 2011

White-Girl Tragedy

JeansHudson Baby Boot Jeans, Blouse: J.Crew, Cardigan: June (if you live in Minneapolis, you have to check this place out!)
 As a general rule, I have a hard time tucking in my shirts, much to my mother's chagrin. I'm just not a huge fan of emphasizing my midsection, which usually looks like it's carrying around a food baby on the best of days. So you can imagine how loathe I was to tuck in my shirt this morning considering I've basically been subsisting on a steady diet of cookies and cheesecake for the past week. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of doing a practice tuck to see what it would look like if I actually had abs of steel. In the five seconds it took me to realize it was a terrible idea, the bottom of my shirt became irreparably wrinkled. So now I'm left with no choice but to wear it tucked in and suffer all day. White girl tragedy, I know.

Getting dressed was enough of a challenge this morning that there's no way I can even contemplate changing into an unwrinkled shirt. You'd think spending the morning going through old clothes and reviewing years worth of horrifying fashion mistakes would make it easy to get dressed. LITERALLY anything I brought home with me looks amazing in comparison. Not really that impressive considering the bar is set pretty dang low with old Abercrombie t-shirts and Charlotte Russe ponchos. (I wish I was kidding.) But all the weeding-out process did was make me nostalgic for high school when it was okay to wear hooded sweatshirts every single day of my life and not be embarrassed. If you look at it like that, my wrinkled shirt is actually a step up.

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