Friday, December 9, 2011

Sixth-Grade Compromise

Sweater: Vince (sold out here, but I just saw a brown version at Nordstrom Rack) 
Jeans: Hudson Baby Boot Jeans 
Shoes: Guess (similar version here)
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange (similar pair here with sparkle!)
Necklace: Ann Taylor

When I was in sixth grade, I took a stand. Keep in mind that sixth-grade me was mostly irrational, so it wasn't a stand for anything actually relevant, but it was a stand nonetheless. I declared that I would never, ever in my whole entire life be caught dead wearing straight-leg jeans. They were just too uncool to fathom. Bootcut jeans were absolutely the only way to go. This was about the same time I took a similarly overdramatic stance against gold jewelry for reasons that made approximately zero sense. Clearly I was getting an early start on my career as a drama queen.

Well, it looks like sixth-grade me is going to have to shut her face, because what do I have now? A closet full of skinny jeans and a rack full of gaudy gold jewelry. At least today's outfit is a sort of a compromise. A brief return to bootcut jeans, but only because I can balance them with the chunkiest, blingiest gold chains in my closet. Sixth-grade me would be happy . . . or at least somewhat appeased.

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