Thursday, December 22, 2011

Airport Attire

Jeans: Joe's Jeans (similar here), Sweater: Banana Republic (previously seen here), Knit top: Ann Taylor, Boots: Via Spiga (previously seen here), Sunglasses: Armani Exchange (similar pair here)
I'm currently counting down the minutes till I get to take off for the airport and head home for the holidays. I can't wait for relaxing family time, laying around in my pajamas, and a lot of baking. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Last time I baked, I ended up with eight pounds of cookie dough. (Not even an exaggeration. I weighed it.)

One of the hardest parts about traveling (aside from packing, aka my worst nightmare) is figuring out what to wear to the airport. I'm always torn. I don't want to be such a bum that people see me and start wondering when they let hobos roam the airport. But I also don't want to be that girl looking like a fool as she stomps around the terminal in heels, trying not to fall. Plus, my body temperature when traveling tends to alternate between violent chills and menopause-style hot flashes. By the time I get to my gate, I usually look like I've just tried to run a triathlon. Trust me, I know walking to your gate shouldn't count as aerobic exercise. But when you're lugging ten days worth of clothes in a carry-on bag because you refuse to pay checked-baggage fees, plus a "personal item" roughly the size of a small child, you're bound to end up a sweaty mess. 

This is all leading to a point, I promise. And the point is . . . layers are key. If I wasn't dressed in easily-removable layers, chances are good I'd die of heatstroke. That makes this my perfect travel outfit. Comfy, stretchy jeans, boots I can slip on and off (and that are too bulky to pack), and an open cardigan I can whip off at a moment's notice. Rest assured, I only take off a few layers. It's not like some sort of weird airport striptease. I'd like to make my flight, thank you very much. 


  1. Are you on love? you should be, i just did! join it! :) have a good trip :)

    love K

  2. ooi, Amei seu blog de verdade *-* Parabéns, seus post são lindos, gostaria que você retribuísse esse carinho no meu blog, se preciso.
    obrigado !


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