Friday, December 16, 2011

What a Girl Wants

This is way too late to be considered a Christmas list, but just because I can't get my act together to have this ready in time for the holidays doesn't mean I want any of these things any less. It just means I'll have to buy them for myself. (It totally counts as the spirit of giving if you give things to yourself, right?) Better watch your back, after-Christmas sales. I'm coming for you.

  • A nice, normal black belt: When you have a rack full of ridiculous belts, sometimes it's hard to find something to wear when you just want to make sure your pants stay up. Plus, this would be perfect for wearing with jeans when I want to tuck things in and pretend I'm a grownup.

  • A faux fur vest/jacket (or faux fur anything, really): I've been a faux fur addict lately, as anyone who has shopped with me can attest to. Vests, jackets,  sweaters, blankets, pillows, you name it — if it's faux fur, I want it. Seriously, my apartment is starting to look like some sort of hunting lodge/fur trapper's retreat.

Joie (on sale here!)

  • A great winter pencil skirt: Perfect for office days when I need to pretend that I'm a classy lady.

Alexander Wang
Classiques Entier (leather would be cool,
but maybe too badass for my office)
Robert Rodriguez
Marc by Marc Jacobs

  • A wear-with-everything chambray shirt: I've come to realize that pretty much everything in my wardrobe would benefit from the addition of a great chambray shirt. Pants, skirts, sweaters . . . this is what they're all longing for. Too bad J.Crew has so many, and indecisive is my middle name. . . .


  • Skinny white corduroy pants: The winter equivalent of the white jeans I lived in all summer.

Urban Outfitters


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  1. Great Idea!!!! White corduroy for winter, i could not figure out how to drag that summer staple in to winter, but this is great!!!

    love K


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