Monday, January 9, 2012

Awkward Encounters

Tunic: Calvin Klein, Blazer: Sara Berman (last seen here), Boots: Frye, Scarf: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Armani Exchange, Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
I'm lucky enough to work at a company that's okay with me taking outfit photos in and around our building on a semi-regular basis. (In fact, my boss took these photos for me as we left work the other afternoon. Thanks, Beth!) I mean, I'm sure everyone thinks it's a little weird. Every time someone drives past me in our parking lot while I'm taking photos I figure they pretty much assume I'm doing one of the following: 

A) Attempting to recreate my senior photos
B) Taking photos for my online dating site 

(For the record, coworkers, neither of the above is true.)

As we were taking the above photos, a random old man (seen walking away in the last photo where I'm laughing hysterically) wandered past. Poor guy was probably just out for his afternoon walk. Little did he know he was about to get sucked into an awkward photo shoot. He and I had an exchange that I've been waiting for since I started this blog. It went something like this:

Me (freaking out): Oh, god, that guy is getting closer. This is going to be awkward.
Boss (quietly cracking up to herself): It's fine. Who cares? Just relax.
Old man (wanders closer, looks confused): Hey there. What's with the photo shoot? Fashion week?
Me: Um, sort of. Not really. You see, I run this style blog and . . .
Old man: Ahh . . . gotcha. Facebook? 
Me: Um, no . . . not exactly. It more like . . .
Boss (interrupts): Yep, Facebook. That's it.

End scene

Moral of the story, yes taking outfit photos is every bit as awkward as you would imagine. I should probably stop trying to explain to people what exactly I'm doing and just hope they don't later try to find me on


  1. Cute outfit. love the animal prints scarf.

  2. Perfection! You are pretty fantastic!!! I really like your unique point of view. Great post and BRILLIANT blog! :-)

  3. all i can say is, hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha! you should have made the man a model for his very own post!

    love K


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