Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heat Wave!

Cardigan: Joie, Tunic: Francesca's, Belt: Gap, Boots: Frye, Watch: Michael Kors, Silver bangles: Simon Sebbag, Silver beads: necklace purchased in Mexico, Other bracelets: Lucky, Earrings: Simon Sebbag, Ring: vintage

You know that feeling you get when spring finally rolls around? You roll down your car windows even though it's not warm enough, and you don't need a jacket, and everything just smells amazing? Well, that's how it is here right now. Except it's January. Seriously. It was 51 freaking degrees here yesterday. We're talking unreal, record highs. (And I'm not just making that up. I got it from, so it's totally legit.) I love Minneapolis as a city, but I've come to realize that I pretty much despise cold weather with every fiber of my being (which makes the winter months here a slight challenge). Yesterday's weather was the answer to my prayers, but it made getting dressed super confusing. I kept staring at the giant pile of cozy sweaters on my bed, then staring at the weather forecast, and then staring at my sweaters again. My brain could not process the fact that I didn't have to bundle up like I was about to race the Iditarod just to go outside. I mean, it's January. I should be living in my North Face parka, and instead I'm one good day away from busting out a bikini. 

I love this top from Francesca's (a gift from my best friend), even though I'm pretty sure it's actually supposed to be a dress. Francesca's and I are locked in an ongoing battle. I continue to covet all of their dresses, and they continue to design them for people a good six inches shorter than me. I'm constantly trying them on, thinking something will have changed, but so far no luck. And since I'm not ready to change my career path from editor to hooker, I'm stuck wearing all of their "dresses" over some type of tights/leggings.


  1. I love this outfit & the dress/ tunic. I've been rocking skirts with tights this week, but apparently we're supposed to get a snowstorm tomorrow. Worst news ever (I'm in Canada, so it gets wayyyy cold).

  2. Cute tunic! I like it paired with the boots :)

    xo Jennifer


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