Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Comfy Casual


Jeans: Hudson Jeans, Sweater: Ann Taylor, Belt: Michael Kors, Shoes: Ann Taylor (on sale!), Necklaces: Nordstrom,
Bracelets: Simon Sebbag and Ann Taylor, Watch: Michael Kors
Sometimes nothing is as comfortable as plain 'ole jeans and a sweater (except for sweatpants and a sweatshirt, but that's not work appropriate). I wish I had a better justification for this outfit, but it's seriously one of the only things I could find in the black hole that my closet has become. I've been doing a bunch of freelance writing on closets and closet organization lately, which has basically succeeded in making me realize what an absolute hot mess my own closet is. I've given up on trying to even close the doors and the majority of my sweaters are currently piled at the foot of my bed. (I like to think of them as a wearable body pillow to make myself feel better.) There's a slight chance I'll tackle it this weekend, but there's a greater chance I'll give up and just eat ice cream instead.

Both these shoes and this comfy cashmere sweater were Ann Taylor purchases (seriously, go there now). Even better, the sweater was a Christmas gift, which means I didn't have to purchase it at all. I did however go in the other day and buy several more just like it — on clearance, obviously. If it isn't broke, don't fix it, right? This version is my other new favorite. I convinced myself while getting dressed that my new two-tone oxford pumps totally redeemed my otherwise lazy-girl outfit. Let's not consider what I'm going to have to do when I run out of fun new shoes to spice things up with.


  1. LOVE love love those shoes - so cute! I think eating ice cream sounds way better than cleaning closets :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. So how is it that even on your "casual" day you look better than everyone I know? I should hate you, but you constantly win me over with your witty humor and great fashion. Damn you!

  3. Also, I don't know how to change my name on the comment thing, so it just looks like I'm a super professional person with no life outside of work.

  4. I am SO jealous of those shoes. I'll be stalking the store tomorrow... (you think i'm kidding, but i'm not)

    A Southern Drawl


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