Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pop of Pink

Sweater: Ann Taylor, Jeans: Gap, Boots, Frye, Earrings: purchased in Mexico,
Bracelets: Simon Sebbag and Ann Taylor, Watch: Michael Kors

Apparently Mother Nature reads this blog and hates me, because overnight it went from pleasantly warm temperatures to bitterly cold. As in, your face will freeze when you walk outside cold. The weather forecast this morning said, "12 degrees — feels like negative 10" and I seriously died a little inside. So don't judge me, even though I know I just wore these pink pants the other day. The only thing I wanted to wear after looking at the temperature this morning was my flannel sheets, so putting on clothes at all deserves a pat on the back. Plus I can't sew to save my life, which meant fashioning a garment out sheets was pretty much out of the question. 

I had to drive to our new office this morning (full of entirely different coworkers than the ones I blinded by wearing these pants the other day), so no one called me out on wearing them twice. I paired them with this warm, sparkly sweater to brave the cold. (Although I wish the sparkly silver threads had shown up better in these photos.) I figured at least wearing pants this bright would make it easy to find me in case I got lost wandering around the new building. ("Anyone seen that girl in the obnoxious pink pants wandering around?")

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