Monday, January 16, 2012

Investment Pieces

Frye Dorado Riding Boots

There are certain things that need to be perfect. Things you really obsess over before making a decision. Things it's okay to be picky about. Things like husbands, houses, cars, and in my case, boots. Trivial, I know, but these are the white-girl tragedies I live with. Since I've worn these Frye boots basically every day since I got them, I figured it was time they got their own post. These boots were a Christmas gift...or at least one of them was. Convincing my mom to "half-sies" with me on expensive purchases is my secret go-to. I also used this gimmick to get her to buy me a pair of white jeans in college once. (Although, I had to promise to also wear them at my wedding, so in retrospect, maybe not a great deal.) 

These riding boots were a bit of a splurge, but I think everyone needs a few good investment pieces in their closet, whether it's a great blazer, classic boots, you name it. Believe me, I love a good H&M purchase as much as the next girl, but sometimes it pays to splurge on higher quality. (Savor that gem. It's pretty much the extent of the financial advice you will ever get from me as I can barely do basic math.) I spent weeks hunting for the perfect pair of riding boots (including trying on every pair at DSW). I'd even settled on a less expensive pair that I didn't love nearly as much. But trust me when I say it's a waste of money to buy something you're not in love with. You won't wear it. I can say with total confidence that I love these riding boots. They're classic, they go with everything, and I don't have to worry about them being out of style next season. Plus they're Frye boots, so they're pretty much guaranteed to last forever. For me, it's worth it to spend the extra money knowing I won't have to replace them every season. One other tip: shop around before committing. I found my boots on Amazon for $160 less than anywhere else I'd looked. Still expensive, but I can at least pretend I got a good deal. (And that's really all I need.) So go ahead and splurge. As long as it's not something trendy that you'll regret next year, what's the harm? Someone make sure to remind me of this when I want to buy new boots next year....


  1. Ali, I couldn't agree more with you! You can only buy so many bargain items but what you need are several investment pieces, and these boots are definitely one of them ;)

  2. A pair of black leather riding boots are on my list for next winter- I bought a pair of boots last year for $100 and they're already falling apart. I'm going to wear them out this season and then invest in a pair that will last years. I'm definitely looking at Frye boots!


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