Thursday, January 26, 2012

Subtle Spots


Skirt: Ann Taylor, Chambray Shirt: J.Crew, Belt: Ralph Lauren (stolen from my mom in high school),
Shoes: Guess, Bracelets: Ann Taylor and J.Crew, Rings: Nordstrom, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Tights: Gap

I would wear leopard print all day every day if I thought I could get away with it. It's my go-to print for anything. Skirts, dresses, tops, scarves, coats, shoes . . . you name it, I probably own it in leopard print. That's why this more subtle, tone-on-tone leopard print skirt is great. It makes it easier to wear animal print without screaming my obsession from the rooftops. And it has pockets, which is probably my favorite feature in skirts. Why even make a skirt if you're not going to include pockets? Paired with my favorite chambray shirt (seriously everyone should own this shirt), it's one of my new favorite outfits.

I aspire (not so secretly) to be one of those fabulous old ladies swanning around in ridiculous gaudy jewelry and animal print. In fact, I saw an old woman at the mall last night (while I was wearing this outfit) decked out in an amazing, head-to-toe leopard print ensemble. We're talking a full-body fluffy leopard coat and hat. I almost stopped and stared in amazement. There was a subtle nod of acknowledgement. Maybe even a wink. Not in a creepy way, but in a "Sisterhood of the Traveling Leopard Print" kind of way. Hopefully she got the kindred spirit thing, otherwise there's a good chance she thought I was hitting on her.


  1. Love love that skirt and shirt combo

  2. You are too funny! I love leopard print as well - sometimes I'm tempted to put on every piece of leopard print I own - just for fun - bet I would look kinda like that old lady: pret-ty awesome! This outfit is So cute - love the chambray with the browns (and leopard of course) :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I hope she thought you were hitting on her! Maybe she would then become your sugar mama/benefactor and buy you lots of leopard print things!

  4. I think chambray goes perfectly with everything! Love it here paired with your pretty skirt. Your accessories are also super cute!



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