Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Dress: Ann Taylor: Blazer: thrifted, Necklaces: Lion's Mane Vintage and Elizabeth Ngo

As I do every year on Memorial Day, I spent the holiday weekend in Omaha celebrating my best friend Rachel's birthday and having a mini-college reunion of sorts. This year, a bunch of our guy friends also made the trip, so to truly recreate our college experience we pretty much lived like hobos all weekend. Thankfully I got these photos before heading out to dinner the first night that everyone arrived before things went completely downhill. It was the only day cool enough to even consider wearing a maxi-dress. It was actually chilly enough that I had to resort to stealing this great silk blazer from my friend's closet. After these were taken, I didn't wear much beyond a bathing suit and a water-balloon soaked cover-up for the rest of the weekend . . . even when I went to the grocery store. I'm like a "pioneer of shame" as one of my guy friends put it. But in my defense, there's really nothing else to wear when you spend four straight days playing 4-Square, having water-balloon fights, and hanging out on a driveway in 95-degree heat. 

I also got to visit my friend's new store while I was in town! She recently opened her own vintage boutique in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha, so if you're anywhere near there you must must must go check out Lion's Mane Vintage. I'm probably just a teensy bit biased, but the store is amazing. It's like hanging out in some cool, trendy, hipster closet full of vintage pieces you never even knew you needed. As someone who is in awe of vintage, thrifted pieces (but can never find them on my own) I was blown away. I bought way too many necklaces while I was there, including the turquoise beads I have on above, which I didn't take off all weekend. And just in case you don't make an annual pilgrimage to Omaha like I do, you can also check out her store's Facebook page here or her Etsy page here

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