Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wild 'N Out

Jeans: Target, Shirt: J.Crew, Shoes: Ivanka Trump, Belt: Ann Taylor, Necklace: Nordstrom,
Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Elizabeth Ngo

One of the great things about having a style blog is that it forces me to be a little more discerning in my shopping because I actually know what's in my closet (or on my floor, as the case may be). Instead of just buying things willy nilly (as I tend to do), it forces me to actually pause and think, "Is this a really a necessary/logical purchase? What will I wear this with? Will it make my wardrobe better?" Having said that, when I found these leopard-print jeans at Target, I asked myself none of those questions. My brain just flashed "WANT!" and all of a sudden I was in the checkout lane buying them. But when you take into account that I'd been coveting these leopard-print jeans from Current Elliot, this pair was actually a smart purchase. I could never bring myself to spend $200 on something quite so ridiculous. I mean, I'll spend money on a lot of ridiculous things, but a girl has to draw the line somewhere. But lose one of those zeroes on that price tag, and I'm in. That's right, these jeans were $20. Which seemed like a great deal until I got them home and realized I had basically no idea how to style them. I've been stuck wearing them around my apartment so I could at least mentally justify my purchase. What, you don't lounge around in leopard print? Thankfully Kendi of Kendi Everyday recently wore the same pair of jeans, and gave me some outfit inspiration. Now that they've seen the light of day at least once, I can go back to wearing these jeans while sitting on my couch like a true lady of leisure.

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  1. I have a chambray shirt exactly like that. I wear it constantly. Love how you've styled it here. Those pants are SO great!



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