Friday, February 3, 2012

Laura Ingalls Inspired


Dress: Francesca's, Sweater: Ann Taylor, Belt: Francesca's, Tights: Gap, Boots: Frye, Bracelets: J.Crew,
Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Simon Sebbag, Ring: vintage

The dress, tights, sweater, boots combo has become my go-to outfit lately. Work, dates, running around — there's pretty much no occasion I'm not wearing some variation of this outfit. I may be stuck in a slight rut, but at least it's a comfortable and stylish one. I love this dress in particular, even though the pattern always sort of reminds me of something Laura Ingalls Wilder probably wore when she was trekking across the plains and building a log cabin and making maple syrup candy.

All the cute summery dresses I stocked up on during one wine-fueled, after-hours shopping trip with my best friend have lasted me well through the summer into February. I swear, there is not a summer dress in all the land that I can't turn into winter-wear. The only drawback is that I'm starting to run out of room in my closet because I refuse to put any of my summer dresses in storage for the winter. (And by "starting to run out of room" I mean, my closet won't close, and I've been sleeping with a giant pile of sweaters on my bed for at least a week. Don't judge.) 


  1. beautiful dress!!!love outfit!!!

  2. Love the dress, and the belt pulls it all together!


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    Have a nice day!


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